Studio Policies and Requirements

Dance Fusion

Performance Center 

RECITAL FEE: There is a $35 Recital Fee per Family which includes 2 Free Recital Tickets. The payment will be due in April 7, 2018. 

COSTUME FEES: All costumes must be PAID IN FULL by November 14th.

​Costumes are ordered over the Christmas break and pictures will be posted when classes resume. The charges for costumes are from $70-$90. Costumes are not returnable or refundable for any reason.

ATTENDANCE: Regular attendance is very important to the student’s progress. It is suggested at the age of 8 and older each student take 2 or more classes per week as progress is accelerated in a shorter period of time. Missed classes can be made up at any time in any class and there are POSITIVELY NO REFUNDS OR DEDUCTIONS for lessons missed, regardless of the reason.

RECITAL: Our Annual Dance Recital will be held in May or June, 2018. The exact date will be announced when it is confirmed. This is a wonderful experience for the children to perform for a “live” and appreciative audience. We begin rehearsals for the recital in January and a portion of the class is used to learn choreography.

TUITION: There is an 8% discount when paying the yearly tuition in full by October 14th. There is a LATE FEE of $15 for tuition that is 10 days overdue. For all RETURNED CHECKS, a $35 fee will be charged.

CLASS ATTIRE: All students are required to wear tights, leotards, ballet, tap, jazz or lyrical shoes for the class and either shorts or dance skirts in all classes except Hip Hop. Hair is to be pulled back in a ponytail or bun for every class. For Hip Hop class jeans are not acceptable. Dance sneakers or regular street sneakers are to be worn for class. 

VISITATION: Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting areas during class. We will have 2 visiting days for you to observe your child, one in November and one in April. You will be notified in advance of the dates. Special arrangements for working parents can be arranged.

The studio carries a large variety of dancewear including Ballet, Tap, Jazz Shoes, Jazz Sneakers, Lyrical shoes, Leotards, Tights, Skirts and Dance Bags. There is also a “used shoe” exchange.

​Please DO NOT BUY “Payless” Shoes, they mark up the floors.