Pre-School 1 & 2 ~ A combo class of Ballet & Tap with some fun added in! The attire for this class is pink or tan tights,pink ballet slippers, tan tap shoes and any color solid leotard. A dance skirt is acceptable. Hair is a ponytail or bun.

Tiny Dancers Creative Movement ~ This is a creative movement class for ages 2-4 without a specific dance style. This is a great class for both boys and girls! 

PeeWee Hip Hop ~ This is a Hip Hop class for 3-5 year olds! A great class for the both boys and girls! 

Kinderdance~ This is a combo class of Ballet & Tap with some Tumbling and Jazz also added in. The attire is Tan tap shoes, pink ballet slippers, pink or tan tights and any solid colored leotard. A skirt of their choice is optional. Hair must be in a ponytail or a bun.

Dance Variety ~ A combo class of Ballet, Tap, & Jazz for ages 6-8. The attire for this class is pink or tan tights, pink ballet slippers, Tan tap shoes, tan or black jazz shoes, a solid colored leotard. Shorts, or dance pants and skirts are acceptable. Hair is to be pulled back.

Advanced Beginner ~ A combo class that includes Ballet & Jazz. The attire is pink or tan tights, solid colored leotard, pink ballet slippers and tan jazz shoes. Shorts, skirts & dance pants are acceptable.

​All Hip Hop classes ~ Sneakers of any kind, t-shirts, long shorts, capris, sweats (not too baggy). Mostly your choice in this class. Hair pulled back.

All Jazz Classes ~ This is a full hour class of jazz dance. Jazz started in the 1950's and is still popular today. From Broadway to Hollywood, from smooth to funky, this style produces a well rounded dancer. The attire is a solid colored leotard, dance sneakers, tan tights, shorts or capris. No baggy t-shirts or sweats. Hair in a ponytail. 

All Ballet Classes ~ Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance. It is graceful and elegant and builds poise, strength, stamina and self control. From Jazz to Hip Hop, from Modern to Lyrical, with Ballet training, your child will become stronger and understand how to use their muscles to progress more quickly and easily in other dance styles. Ballet class is strongly encouraged. The attire is pink tights, pink ballet slippers, solid colored leotard and a dance skirt.

All Lyrical Classes ~ Lyrical Dance is an interpretation of the emotions in music or the words of a song. It is a mixture of ballet, modern & jazz which produces more freedom of movement both soft & flowing to strong and sharp. The attire for Lyrical is tan tights, a solid colored leotard, shorts and lyrical shoes. Hair is pulled back.

Cheerdance ~ A Dance team style class with gymnastics, jazz dance and whole lot of fun! The attire is any dance or gymnastics outfit, dance sneakers & tan tights. Hair is in a ponytail. Shorts with tights and a leotard are acceptable.

Rhythm Tap ~ A class with tap sounds as the music. Basic tap steps are taught but with a rhythm made using hands, feet, sticks & more. The attire is Tan tap shoes, dance pants, tights, shorts, a leotard or t-shirt (not too baggy).

​Musical Theater - Learn Tap, Ballet and Jazz while singing the hits of popular musicals throughout the century. This class is 1 1/2 hours per week and includes 3 separate recital numbers. The attire is dance pants, tights, shorts, a leotard or t-shirt, appropriate dance shoes for each class (available at studio) and hair must be pulled back. 

Baton ~ Learn to twirl a Baton, a flag or a rifle in this class. Hand and eye coordination is taught and perfected. Attire is sneakers, dance pants or shorts, tights and leotard. Tank shirts over a leotard are acceptable. Hair is pulled back.

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